The Acoustic Sessions bring Spanish artists Marwan, L.A., and Anni B. Sweet

On the evenings of August 10, 17, and 19 OK Mobility brought to a “secret” spot in Palma’s Auditorium these three independent artists to perform in front of an intimate audience of 200.

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Once again, OK Mobility goes one step further in supporting music and promoting its own cultural project. After participating in some of the most important musical events in our country, OK Mobility organizes the "Acoustic Sessions" cycle.

With a more intimate and closer musical format, it aims to allow attendees to enjoy their favorite artists more closely. These first three Acoustic Sessions were performed by three national artists: the Malaga singer Anni B. Sweet; the musician, composer, and poet from Madrid Marwán; and the singer of the Mallorcan rock band L.A.

Three performances in a “secret” location in Palma

The three musical events took place in the Auditorium of Palma in a "secret" space, the rooftop of the Auditorium. This is a place little known to many, as it is usually closed and where performances are not usually held. An added touch of exclusivity that also offered attendees a unique and intimate experience at sunset, for an audience of only 200 people.

The first concert, on August 10, was performed by the Spanish artist Marwan, one of Spain's most prominent names in the singer-songwriter scene. The first concert was a chance for him to present his next album, Canciones para una urgencia, out this past September.

The following concert, on August 17, was offered by the Majorcan band L.A.’s singer, one of the best representatives of local rock indie music. This second Acoustic Session saw the presentation of L.A.’s re-editing of one of their most acclaimed albums, Heavenly Hell.

Anni B. Sweet performed last in the third Acoustic Session, on August 29, where she performed some of her most successful hits from her 15-year-long career. Originally from Malaga, she is already one of the most important names in the independent music scene in Spain, having received 5 MIN (Independent Music) awards also in Palma’s Auditorium.

OK Mobility’s commitment to culture

These first three Acoustic Sessions are another example of OK Mobility’s commitment to culture and sports, promoting music in the Majorcan capital, where the brand has its headquarters.

OK Mobility’s commitment to music and culture comes to life once again with this first series of live concerts. This project is an initiative that arises from the need to support and offer greater visibility to local and national independent music. OK Mobility is already working on bringing this exclusive music project to other cities and formats.

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