Configure your Mobility by Premium

We offer you the mobility that best suits your needs

Left Left
Right Right
BMW Serie 1
Audi A3 Sportback
Mercedes Clase A
* With the Mobility by Premium Next Level Subscription you will have a vehicle from the fleet of this Mobility Group within your reach.

What does my Next Level Subscription include?

Immediate pick up
Fixed fee and no surprises
Premium Cover
Vehicle maintenance, taxes and overhauls
24 h roadside assistance
Preferential attention on vehicle pickup
1,250 km/ month
15 day Multi-Destination Mobility gift

All inclusive

24 h roadside assistance. Complete vehicle maintenance and overhauls. Once you subscribe to the Mobility by Premium Group you will not have to face any expenses. OK Mobility will take care of any problem and offer you the best mobility solution within the Group you are subscribed to.

OK Premium Cover; covers windows, wheels and excess removal. You can expand the information of the Mobility by Premium Group by consulting the general conditions.

Additional driver included. Shared mobility always tastes better!


Subscribing has its advantages! With the Next Level by Premium Next Level Subscription we give you 15 days of Multi-Destination Mobility so that, regardless of the Mobility Group you subscribe to, you can enjoy another vehicle from our full equip fleet for FREE during your holidays in any of our more than 50 destinations with OK Mobility stores.

These free mobility days will be available for the entire subscription period (12 months). By accessing your private subscriber area you can redeem them whenever you need to.

Personalised service

Your mobility comes first. We will immediately deliver a vehicle corresponding to the Mobility by Premium Group. But that's not all! When you go to collect it, you will have preferential service in our stores.