Car rental in Malaga


Car rental in Malaga

At OK Mobility Malaga, rent your car by booking online. Guarantee the best rental car offer and enjoy your holiday with no hidden surprises.

This city has earned the nickname “Málaga the Beautiful”, and there are plenty of good reasons for it: Málaga is one of Andalusia’s most interesting cities because of its impressive artistic heritage and its spectacular beaches. Wandering through the city centre streets, many of which are pedestrianised and full of shops, is the best way to experience its dynamic and vibrant atmosphere. If you like art, you cannot miss the Roman Theatre, a construction that dates back to the first century B.C. Another must-see is the famous Alcazaba, a Muslim-era fortification that towers over the city. From there, you can also enjoy fantastic panoramic views of Málaga.

Our fleet of rental cars guarantees that you can reserve a car best suited to your trip. Small, compact cars, SUVs and also premium models of the most popular brands on the market.

On the other hand, if you are a Picasso fan,remember that Málaga is his birthplace and you can visit the Picasso Museum which houses some of his most interesting works of art. Cuisine is another great attraction in Málaga. The city’s proximity to the sea and the mountains has led to the development of a diverse culinary scene, in which seafood dishes sit harmoniously side-by-side with others, like stews, that are more typical of the inland regions. So don’t hesitate and feast on traditional local dishes like deep-fried fish, porra (cold tomato soup), ajoblanco (cold garlic and almond soup), Málaga-style salad, migas (a pork and breadcrumb dish) or berzas (chick pea, meat and vegetable stew). Enjoy Málaga with all your senses!


OK Mobility in Málaga offers you a wide range of rental cars to suit your trip. Our fleet is made up of modern and fully equipped rental vehicles. From small cars for getting around the city, economical medium-sized cars for travelling with family or friends, or SUVs for venturing further afield.

The OK Mobility team wishes you an excellent trip and, to this end, we work hard to guarantee that you are offered the very best rental car options in Málaga:

OK Premium Cover: Choose Premium Coverage and Safe Travel options from our website.
Discounts During the Entire Year: Take advantage of an all-year-round discount of 10% for online payments.
Full Tank: Rentals with no surprises or additional expenses.
Choose from a Wide Range of Vehicles: Small and economical cars, SUV’s, family station wagons or vans.
Renewed Fleet: Extremely well equipped and modern rental cars.
Young Drivers: Rentals for young people between the ages of 19 and 25.

At our OK Mobility Stores within the Málaga Airport (AGP) you will be greeted by teams which are determined in guaranteeing that you have an excellent trip. Please bear in mind that you will need to present your driver’s license, a valid credit card and a valid passport / ID to be able to pick up your vehicle.

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