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Frequently Asked Questions Rent a car

Some of our Stores that are located outside the airport terminal have a free shuttle service to and from the airport. Check here for information on how to find the meeting point.

If you need to add an extra to your rental, please fill in the form.

I want to add an extra to my rental

Pay for your car bookings with Visa, American Express, Bitcoin or Amazon Pay. There is also the option of Scalapay if you would like to split the cost of your rental into three interest-free payments.

All services will be paid by credit or debit card at our offices. If you wish to make a reservation through our website, payment can only be made by credit card. Withholding of the excess shall only be possible by credit card. The repayment of the excess can take between 14 and 31 days depending on the bank. OK Mobility only accepts VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards. AMERICAN EXPRESS accepted only in Spain (except Canary Islands) and Germany.

If you only have a debit card, you should choose one of our covers (OK Premium Cover or OK Premium International) as it is only possible to block the excess on a credit card.

As mentioned above, only OPC and/or CAR coverage is available and can be purchased together and/or separately. If the customer wishes to complement their international coverage, they may do so by contracting the INT - international supplement. This supplement may be paid for the entire rental and/or for the days requested by the customer within the booking. It should be noted that, should any occur outside the contracted period of INT, the customer will be responsible for the costs.

The amount of the deposit varies according to the category of the vehicle, see general conditions.

General conditions

The return of the Excess and/or Deposit or Preauthorisation may vary between 14 and 31 days depending on the bank used and due to the operational capacity of the lessee's bank.

We need: Driving licence, valid ID card or passport recognised by Spanish law and a credit card in the name of the main driver.

The documents required to rent a vehicle with us are:

  • Valid National Identity Card or Passport
  • Driving licence and, if necessary, an international driving licence (depending on where you come from).
  • Credit and/or debit card (the latter subject to conditions) in the name of the main driver.

Attached you will find the requirements set out in our CCGG in section 3. Drivers:
“3. Driver(s): The lessee and additional drivers must be at least 18 years of age and must present a European identity card or passport and driving licence, both documents must be valid for the entire rental period, in physical format, legible and in good condition and accepted by Spanish law. Current driving licences of EU and EEA (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) citizens are accepted by law and valid for driving in Spain. Licences issued in third countries will be accepted if they comply with the requirements of Article 21 of the General Regulations for Drivers; provided that the licence is in force, the holder is of the age required in Spain to obtain an equivalent Spanish licence and that no more than six months have elapsed since the holder acquired normal residence in Spain. In all other cases, it is necessary to present an international permit together with a valid driving licence issued by the country of origin. For further information, we recommend consulting the website of the Spanish Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT): DGT - Driving licences valid for driving in Spain or contact directly the consulate in Spain of the country of issue of your licence. It is the customer's responsibility to check whether their driving licence is valid for driving in Spanish territory. Driving licences will be accepted in electronic or digital format, in the official applications, but not in photographic format or as a copy.

For rentals in Spain, Italy, Portugal, France and Germany: Each driver must be at least 18 years of age and hold a valid driving licence for the duration of the rental period. A minimum of one year's driving licence is not required. Cargo vans are excluded, for which a minimum of 20 years of age and 2 years of driving licence are compulsory. In addition, you they present a valid European ID card or passport. There is a Young Driver supplement applicable to those aged between 18 and 25, both included, of € 10 per day with a minimum of €2 4 and a maximum of € 300.

For rentals in Greece and Malta: Each driver must be at least 21 years of age and have held for at least one year, a valid driving licence for the entire rental period. In addition, you they present a valid European ID card or passport. There is a Young Driver supplement applicable to those aged between 21 and 25, both included, of €10 per day with a minimum of € 24 and a maximum of € 300.

Please note that we have different types of vehicles available. In section 3. Generally and avoiding some small exceptions, the age is 18 years without minimum time holding a driving licence.

GERMANY18no minimum 18 - 25 both included
CROATIA18no minimum 18 - 25 both included
SPAIN18no minimum 18 - 25 both included
FRANCE18no minimum 18 - 25 both included
GREECE211 year minimum 21 - 25 both included
ITALY18no minimum 18 - 25 both included
MALTA211 year minimum7121 - 25 both included
MONTENEGRO191 year minimum 19 - 25 both included
PORTUGAL18no minimum 18 - 25 both included
SERBIA191 year minimum 19 - 25 both included

*A1 y A2 - no minimum

**B - 3 years minimum

 18 - 25 both included
ITALY18 18 - 25 both included
PORTUGAL18 18 - 25 both included
CROATIA18 18 - 25 both included
  • Cars: 300km/day, 3000km/contract (except Stores with unlimited km).
  • Motorbikes: Unlimited mileage (in all Stores, there is no exception, and regardless of the length of the booking).
  • Cargo and Camper: 400km/day, 4000km/contract (in all Stores, there is no exception, regardless of the length of the booking).

Yes, you can take your vehicle to France, Portugal and Andorra by taking out our OK Premium Cover International. 

It is NOT compulsory to take out cover in order to leave Spain. If the customer wishes to contract our OPC and/or CAR and wishes to extend their cover to an international level, in this case they will have the option of contracting an international supplement (INT) which will extend the cover contracted with us (OPC and/or CAR) outside Spanish territory. 

On the other hand, if the customer does not wish to contract the cover with us and prefers to block the excess and deposit, they should be aware that in the event of a "possible" accident and/or mishap with the vehicle, the customer will be responsible for the costs that this may entail.

Permitted territory: The vehicle may only be driven within the national territory, the European Union, Andorra and Gibraltar, with the exception of Bulgaria, Romania, Albania and the United Kingdom. In the event of a cross-border crossing, the lessee must take out the INTERNATIONAL Supplement (INT) so that the lessee themselves, the passengers, if any, and the vehicle itself are covered (provided that normal use is made and not contrary to traffic regulations). In any case, the lessee must be aware of the requirements and permits for driving outside the national territory, and assume the contracting thereof. The Vehicle may not be taken on board or transported by any means of transport, except with the prior written authorisation of the Lessor. Please note that some of our vehicles have geolocators and if it is detected that they have exceeded the permitted territory, it will be considered a breach of contract, and the Lessor may charge the Lessee for damages caused, immediately terminating this contract for breach of contract by the Lessee and take appropriate legal action. The cost of this service is detailed in the attached Annex.

In Portugal there are two toll collection systems: The traditional system with barriers and payment at the toll booth and the gantry system with electronic toll collection (Multi Lane Free Flow - MLFF). In both cases, Via Verde allows you to travel freely, without stopping to pay.

Contracting the Via Verde electronic service with identifier allows access and automatic payment of Via Verde toll services on Portuguese motorways.

The cost of the service is € 1.50 plus VAT per day.

All bookings made through the OK Mobility website can be forwarded to an email. If you booked through an intermediary, please contact them to request a booking confirmation

I want to receive a booking confirmation

If you have booked through our official website okmobility.com, over the counter or at our Customer Service Centre, and you have not yet collected your vehicle, and the conditions of the rate allow it, you can contact us from Monday to Friday from 09h00 to 17h00 by calling 0034 971 126 880. If you have booked with an intermediary, you should consult with them the conditions of modification of the reservation. 

In both cases, modifications may be subject to availability and additional costs.

If you booked through the official OK Mobility website and your rate allows it, you can cancel by logging into your OK Club private area, which allows you to manage your bookings. You can access the OK Club or register by clicking on the following linkhttps://okmobility.com/en/club  If you booked at the counter or in our Customer Service Center, please call 971 126 880. If you made the booking through an intermediary, please ask them for advice on modifying or cancelling it.

The Mobility Wallet is a digital wallet where you can accumulate vehicle hire days and redeem them whenever and wherever you want.

- Flexible vouchers for different types of vehicles: small, compact, SUV or motorcycle.
- Guarantee your vehicle when you need it.
- Guarantee the price of your next rental.
- Inclusive: Premium Cover, Roadside Assistance, Excess Elimination. To take advantage of this perk, you must be an OK Club member. Sign up here https://okmobility.com/en/club 

Please note that if you take subscribe to our service, you receive free days in your Mobility Wallet. For more information about our Subscription, see: https://okmobility.com/en/help/subscription 


Speed up the collection of your rental vehicle with our exclusive Fast Track service: just for customers who book via our website or App. Add Premium Coverage when you book online and benefit from our Fast Track service. 

"When your booking with Premium Coverage is confirmed, you can activate the Fast Track service in three easy steps:

Fill in your main data

Validate your identity

Sign the digital contract.

Any questions? Don't worry! Your booking confirmation email will contain all the information you need to activate Fast Track. What's more, if you're an OK Club member you can complete the activation process from your Client Area."

If you are an OK Club member you can activate Fast Track from your Client Area. If you aren't yet a member, sign up now to access and activate your booking. 

If your reservation is refundable, depending on the type of rate you have chosen, you will retain the right to cancel or modify the reservation free of charge. Our system will cancel the reservation and the contract automatically.

Identify yourself with your booking code in our turns management system and we will give you the highest priority to access a  rental advisor and give you your vehicle key. Easy, safe and simple! 

No! If you have not activated the service in advance, our turns management system will not recognize you as a Fast Track service customer and you will be assigned the same pick up service as the remaining "non-priority" pick up customers. 

Yes, provided that you haven't yet used the turns manager that gives you access to queues. When you activate Fast Track activated prior to picking up your vehicle, you can register in the turns manager and you will automatically be sent to a Fast Track counter. 

You will always receive the activation confirmation and a copy of your signed digital contract by email. 

Definitely! When you sign the digital contract you will receive a downloadable copy by email. 

You can only purchase extras in the Store when you pick up your vehicle. For this reason, to streamline processes, we always recommend purchasing all extras and services in advance on the website. 

“Scalapay is an innovative way to pay that allows clients to make purchases in physical stores and online, receive products immediately, and pay in three convenient equal instalments with a monthly due date.

The service does not charge an additional fee to the client if the instalments are paid by the due date.

When the purchase is made, the first instalment will be charged immediately (equivalent to a third of the total purchase amount). The next 2 instalments will be charged monthly.

First instalment: at the time of purchase

Second instalment: 1 month after the purchase date

Third and final instalment: 2 months after the purchase date
Scalapay pays the vendor the total purchase amount immediately and assumes all risks of fraud or failure to pay.”

“How much does it cost?

Scalapay is completely free for those that make purchases, as long as the amounts are paid by the agreed due dates.

You will only be charged for a late payment if one or more of the planned instalments is not paid by the due date.

Scalapay will remind you a few days before the due date of each instalment via SMS or email.

Late payment fee

If you have not made the payment before the due date and the automatic payment is not made correctly, you will have 24 hours to finalise the payment. If this does not happen, Scalapay will charge a late payment fee, as explained below:

Payment made before the due date: no charge!
Payment delayed more than 24 hours: 1.20 EUR additional fee
Payment delayed more than 9 days: 1.20 EUR additional fee (plus the previous fee)
The total fee will not exceed 15% of the total purchase amount (second and third instalment).

We are aware that certain situations may arise that prevent payments from being made on time. If you think that this applies to your case, please send an email to support@scalapay.com before the payment due date and we will try our best to help you.”

“Your purchasing power depends on several factors. These include the store in which you are buying, the type of card you are using, if you have already made a purchase with Scalapay, and if you paid for your previous purchases on time.

If you are a new client and you have never made a purchase with Scalapay, your purchasing power could be limited and will increase as you make more purchases with Scalapay without any payment delays.

Remember that:

Your purchasing power does not depend on the credit on your card.

Scalapay does not use external sources to evaluate each client’s financial situation.
Scalapay does not offer detailed information about the purchasing power of any individual client.”

When the purchase is made, the first instalment will be charged immediately (equivalent to a third of the total purchase amount). The next 2 instalments will be charged monthly.

First instalment: at the time of purchase

Second instalment: 1 month after the purchase date

Third and final instalment: 2 months after the purchase date

Each instalment will be charged automatically on the predefined card on the payment due date.”

OK Mobility will automatically debit the vehicle reservation holder's credit card account for the accrued costs of using the electronic toll lanes. The surcharge can be made immediately upon return of the vehicle or within thirty days after the return of the vehicle.

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